Rose de Lautrec


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Rose de Lautrec is one of our most delicious garlic varieties and a personal family favourite for cooking through most of the winter. It has a wonderful flavour with sweet undertones that never disappoints. This unique selection comes from Southern France and is a great addition to any garlic lovers collection! 

Typical of the Creole family, Rose de Lautrec grows best in a sheltered location and should be well covered for the winter as it is traditionally grown in more mild climates. In colder regions like Canada, the plants will still form good-sized bulbs under favourable conditions, however, yields can be slightly variable from year to year depending on growing conditions.

Outer wrappers tend to be white with a rose blushing as you move towards the inner wrappers. One of the longest storing garlic varieties (8 to 12 months). Averages 6 to 10 medium-sized cloves per bulb.

For planting instructions, see our How To Plant Garlic page. 

Highest Quality Standards

We grow 100% of the garlic we sell to ensure standards always remain high. Our premium garlic is carefully examined throughout the season, from planting to harvest. Cloves, plants and bulbs are all individually inspected to maintain the highest quality seed stock available!

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