Island Star


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A braidable variety that was originally grown on the San Juan Islands of Washington State. It has a robust flavour with a hint of sweetness and is delicious when eaten raw. 

Easy to grow in cold climates and forms large bulbs. Very cold winters or when grown under stressful conditions such as drought some plants may bolt or form bulbils in the stem, however, these do not need to be removed for good bulb size. Bolting does not affect the quality of the bulbs.

It produces large bulbs and medium sized cloves under optimal conditions. Requires good fertility (particularly high Nitrogen) and adequate soil moisture to size up properly. Should be harvested once the first two or three leaves have started to brown.

Has nice uniform bulbs that are easy to braid and make a great presentation when selling! 

Bulbs have 8 to 12 cloves and stores for up to a year.

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