Rose de Lautrec


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Rose de Lautrec is one of our most delicious garlic varieties and a personal favourite for cooking through most of the winter. It has a wonderful flavour with sweet undertones that never disappoints. This unique selection comes from Southern France and is a great addition to any garlic lovers collection! 

Typical of the Creole family, Rose de Lautrec grows best in a sheltered location and should be covered for the winter as it is traditionally grown in more mild climates. In colder regions like Canada, the plants can still form good-sized bulbs under favourable conditions, however, yields can be variable from year to year depending on growing conditions.

One of the longest storing garlic varieties (8 to 12 months). Averages 6 to 10 medium-sized cloves per bulb. 

Outer wrappers tend to be white with a rose blushing as you move towards the inner wrappers.