Italian Softneck


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One of our favourites! This awesome Italian variety came to us from the Okanagan region of British Columbia. It is a braidable softneck garlic that has some heat, especially when eaten raw.  

In very cold climates, some plants may bolt or form bulbils in the stem however these do not need to be removed for good bulb size. Should be harvested once the first leaf or two have started to brown.

It produces a very large bulb with cloves that range from small to large. Requires good fertility (particularly high Nitrogen) and adequate moisture to size up properly. 

Very popular with Market Gardeners for selling braids. Has good uniform bulbs with strong necks which makes braiding easy and gives a great presentation.   

Bulbs have 8 to 12 cloves. Stores very well, especially when braided (up to a year).

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