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A vigorous Marbled Purple Stripe variety that comes with a strong flavour packing heat. It develops fat cloves and produces very large bulbs similar to porcelain varieties such as Music and Big Boy. 

Nordic is very cold hardy and is well suited for regions with harsh winters. It does not tolerate excess moisture very well and therefore is best grown on well-draining soils and/or raised beds.

Scapes produce medium-sized bulbils that can be used for planting, although, scape removal is recommended for maximum bulb size.

Bulbs are uniform with an average of 5 to 8 cloves/bulb. Bulb wrappers and clove skins range in colour from reddish to purple with an intensity that varies depending on the soil and winter conditions.

Popular with market gardeners due to its size and easy peeling. Generally, only stores for 3 to 5 months so it is best sold or consumed as early season garlic.

For planting instructions, see our How To Plant Garlic page. 

Highest Quality Standards

Our premium garlic is carefully examined throughout the season, from planting to harvest. Cloves, plants and bulbs are all individually inspected to maintain the highest quality seed stock available!

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