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Cover crops can be planted in spring, summer or fall! Remember that ¼ to ⅓ of your growing area should be planted to green manure cover crops every year. This ensures your soil stays healthy and productive.

Seeds will store for at least 1 to 2 years.


Hairy Vetch is an amazing multi-purpose species that can be used as a cover crop, winter annual forage, feed for wildlife or pollinator habitat. Commonly mixed with other cover crops to add diversity, the plants compete well and thrive in a diverse species population. 

The vining plants are regarded as one of the highest nitrogen-fixing legumes. They can add up to 150 lbs per acre (3.5 lbs/1000 sq. ft) of Nitrogen per season to the soil. The fibrous roots are also great at scavenging phosphorus and potassium while helping to break up clay and heavy soils.   

Hairy Vetch is moderately winter hardy and will overwinter in most locations when planted in the fall. It can be grown in acidic soils, is drought tolerant,  and has a fairly high shade tolerance compared to other legumes.

Plant hairy vetch in early spring for a summer crop or late summer/fall at least 30 days before the first average frost date. It is important for the roots to have enough time to establish before the ground freezes for winter.

Should be mowed or tilled once flowering begins and can be left on the soil surface to suppress weeds, prevent erosion and retain moisture.

Untreated, Non-GEO Seed

250g covers approximately 800 sq. ft
1 kg covers approximately 3000 sq. ft

Can be used with EcoTea Seed Inoculant for increased nutrient efficiency, improved root development and higher disease resistance. 

Quick Guide

  • Latin Name: Vicia villosa
  • Hardiness: Hardy Annual or Winter Annual (planted in fall)
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Germination: 7-14 days
  • Planting Dates: Feb 21-Jun 1 or Jul 25-Sep 15
  • Seeding Rate: 300g-600g per 1000 sq. ft (26-30kg per acre)
  • Max Planting Depth: 0.25” - 0.5” or Broadcast and lightly tamp into soil
  • Growth Habit: Mature into 4-7 foot long vines that produce small stalks of purple blooms
  • Benefits: Adds nitrogen to the soil (150 lbs/ac), roots loosen soil to improve tilth, tolerates cold temperatures.
  • Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full sun
  • Usual Seed Life: 5-6 years
  • Cover Crop Management: Best mowed once flowering has started and before seeds have developed

Highest Quality Standards

Our cover crop seed comes from high-quality stock and is tested for germination. We've selected the best varieties available to maximize each species' potential.

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