Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer 2-14-0


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A perfect granular fertilizer for growing large bulbs! The ORGANIC BONE MEAL 2-14-0 formula feeds your plants for the whole growing season. It promotes explosive root development and the foliage needed for strong healthy plants, helping you grow the biggest bulbs possible.

Can be used to fertilize all other vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants as well. Can be stored for more than one season.  

Made in Canada with high-quality organic ingredients and standards. 

When broadcasted, a 2.5 kg bag fertilizes up to 500 plants (only $0.06 per plant) or a 250-square-foot area.

For the ideal fertilizer combo, we recommend using along with SLOW RELEASE ORGANIC 7-3-4 fertilizer to maximize your garden's growth potential. On our farm, we also add season-long Seaweed Fertilizer applications to promote even more growth and boost pest resistance.

Organic Bone Meal fertilizer can be broadcast, banded (placed in the planting rows) or placed directly with each clove. Placing fertilizer close to the plants will not harm the plants.


For garlic or other bulbs, apply once in fall before planting. Can also be added in spring if necessary, but should be incorporated without disturbing any plant roots.   

For direct placement, the manufacturer recommends applying 1/4 cup with each clove or plant before planting. On our farm, we recommend applying 1/8 cup per clove (good for approximately 50 plants/Kg). It is best to place the fertilizer just below the cloves or incorporate into the soil to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

For banding (best choice for large areas), apply 1kg of fertilizer as a 1 to 2-inch wide band directly into 100 linear feet of planting row. Apply before planting and incorporate 3 to 4 inches deep. Cloves or seeds can be placed directly on top of fertilizer. Good for approximately 200 plants/kg.

For broadcasting, apply 1kg of fertilizer for every 100 square feet of growing area. Good for approximately 200 plants/kg. 

For more information see How To Fertilize Your Garlic Properly.

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