Bulk Garlic & Seed Discounts

To receive bulk discount pricing, use the applicable discount codes below at checkout when ordering. Discounts apply to total order value. You can choose multiple garlic varieties, seed types or other products and the discount still applies as long as the total order is greater than $99.

We offer Flat Rate Shipping on all orders. You always pay the same flat rate no matter how large the shipment is.

Discount Codes:

Save 5% (orders over $99) - Use code Bulk5 at checkout
Save 10% (orders over $249) - Use code Bulk10 at checkout
Save 16% (orders over $749) - Use code Bulk16 at checkout

Garlic Seed Prices:

Our garlic bulbs are sold Per Bulb and Per Pound depending on the variety. Pricing is posted on the product pages for each variety. Discounts are added at checkout so are not reflected in the posted price.

 Garlic Seed For Sale