Growing Garlic

There are many vegetable crops that can be grown in the average garden, but there are few as easy and rewarding as growing garlic. Whether it's planting the bulbs in fall when most other crops are finished, the enjoyment of seeing the young garlic plants popping out of the ground first in spring or digging up the new garlic bulbs in late summer when other storage crops are still growing, garlic keeps things interesting all year.

Garlic growing can be as simple as planting a few bulbs in a flower bed for fun and as elaborate as growing thousands of plants for a market garden. No matter how much garlic you grow or what your purpose for planting is, the same basic principles of growing can be used for both large and small growers. For serious garlic growers, we highly recommend that you read through our growing pages listed below and any other sources you have access to (books, articles, etc.). Also, testing out techniques and strategies when growing your own garlic is very important. What works in one climate or soil type, might not work in another so doing a little experimenting every growing season is a very good idea.  

The following page links below have detailed advice on how to give your garlic crop the best chance of success. Garlic growing is a bit of an art and often comes down to personal preferences with some techniques.   As well, we've included brief descriptions of how we grow our garlic. Just look for the paragraphs with a little red tractor John Boy Farms beside them to see how we do things on our farm.

    1. Choosing Garlic Seed - Size, quality and sources.
    2. Garlic Soils - The perfect garlic soil as well as growing in sand and clay.
    3. Planting Garlic - Dates, planting techniques, depth and spacing.
    4. Garlic Growing - Weeding, watering, scape removal and crop scouting.
    5. Harvesting Garlic - Soil moisture before harvest, timing and digging.
    6. Curing and Storing Garlic - Drying, curing, storage methods and length of storage. 

We also have more extensive information like soil health, organic farming and further detailed information on growing garlic on our Garlic Growing Resources page (which has a number of growing recommendations from government experts).