Rocambole Garlic

Rocambole garlic is one of the most widely known and grown garlic families in Canada. It is a group of hardneck garlics that are considered to be one of the best tasting and are often the first choice of chefs and garlic lovers. They have a deep, complex flavour that rarely disappoints and is often enjoyed raw.

Rocambole garlic is cold hardy and requires exposure to cold temperature in order to thrive and develop large bulbs. They are a garlic family well suited for growing in Canada as they tend to perform best in colder climates. In ideal conditions, Rocamboles can produce some of the largest, best looking garlic.

Bulbs generally produce 8 to 12 plump cloves that are easy to peal. They have a unique scape that coils tightly forming distinct loops. The umbel capsules usually contain about 10 to 20 good sized bulbils. Scape removal is important to ensure maximum bulb size.  

Rocambole garlic generally stores for 4 to 6 months and has exceptional flavour. Their flavour intensity and heat varies widely between varieties. They can be a bit tricky in the garden or field as they will not thrive in wet conditions, however, their exceptional taste and usage in the kitchen makes them well worth the effort.