Food Garlic


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Food Garlic must be picked up in Winnipeg. If ordering Seed Garlic, it will be shipped out separately with Canada Post and cannot be picked-up at the same time.    

Food Garlic pickup days will be September 11 to 13, in St. Vital, Winnipeg. 

Food Garlic orders can be placed by the following methods:  

(1) Online Ordering - place order above
(2) Email - 
(3) Texting - (204)-330-6484

Please send us the following information:
(1) Name
(2) Phone Number
(3) Email
(4) Location - Town or Area of Winnipeg
(5) Quantity (total lbs) 

Food Garlic Description

Our garlic is 100% locally grown, has a rich superior flavour and comes with big cloves. We use natural farming methods and have the highest growing standards so that our customers always receive amazing garlic.

Food garlic comes in mixed varieties of different sizes, mostly from the Porcelain and Purple Stripe families. It can generally be stored for 3 to 5 months depending on the time of year and varieties available. There are approximately 9 to 12 bulbs/pound. 

Note: Bulbs that are sold as food are managed less rigorously through the season and therefore are not selected for seed quality. Although the cloves can technically be planted, they are not ideal and are not recommended. See our seed bulbs for quality planting stock.     

See our about page for more information about our farm and growing methods.