Garlic Seed and Food Garlic

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We grow and sell food garlic as well as GARLIC SEED for planting in Canada's cold climate growing zones. Our garlic is grown in Manitoba's Red River Valley located in western Canada's prairie region. The farm's unique climate and geography has cold zone 2b winters, hot summers and periodic wet/dry cycles. Growing garlic in these extreme conditions ensures strong selection pressure and adaptation of every garlic variety grown on our farm.

Heritage Varieties

We specialize in growing Canadian heritage varieties, as well as many selections from around the world that have been adapted to grow here in Canada. Every year we continue to select the best garlic plants suited to our climate.

Garlic Seed Bulbs

Cold climate garlic seed exhibits strong vigour with great adaptability characteristics suitable for all regions of Canada capable of growing garlic (usually zone 2 or higher, but sometimes even colder). Whether you're growing garlic in your backyard, for your market garden or on a commercial scale, our premium garlic seed is suitable for every size of garlic grower.

Having quality garlic seed is one of the most important keys to growing great garlic. It is always important to give your garlic crop the best chance at success from the start. If you want to learn more about our growing practices and farm story, you can check out our About Us page as well as our Growing Garlic pages.

Food Garlic Bulbs

Cold climate garlic is known for having exceptional quality and superior culinary properties. If it's good quality food garlic your looking for, our bulbs are perfect for home cooks, garlic enthusiasts, chefs and everyone in between. We sell all of our food garlic at the St Norbert Farmers' Market in Winnipeg through August and September, while supplies last.