Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic

Marbled Purple Stripes are cold hardy and require exposure to cold temperatures in order to thrive and develop large bulbs. They are well suited for growing in Canada and tend to perform best in colder climates.

They are generally harvested in mid-season and are ready for consumption slightly earlier than some of the other family groups. Umbel capsules usually contain about 60 usable bulbils that will form large rounds in the first year. Scape removal is important to ensure maximum bulb size.

Bulbs tend to have a symmetrical clove structure with beautiful purple wrappers. They produce 4 to 7 plump cloves per bulb and are easy to peel. They are hot to very hot when raw and add great overall flavour to recipes. Has a storage life of 5 to 6 months.

Easy to grow and a reliable performer with huge bulbs. A great overall package that has made them a very popular favourite with growers.

Note: Marbled Purple Stripes are a distinct group of strongly bolting hardneck garlics that are genetically different from the other two Purple Stripe groupings (Standard Purple Stripe and Glazed Purple Stripe). The three groups of Purple Stripe garlics are often mistakenly grouped together due to their name, however, they are each genetically unique and no more related to each other than to other groups such as Rocamboles or Porcelains.


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