About Us


John Boy Farms is a fifth-generation family farm that has been growing crops since 1879. The farm is located in the fertile Red River Valley of southern Manitoba, 15 minutes from Winnipeg. Manitoba has a continental climate, which means very cold winters, hot summers and challenging growing conditions for garlic. This extreme environment is perfect for selecting and adapting the strongest, most vigorous garlic varieties. This means that garlic grown by John Boy Farms can handle almost any growing conditions in Canada.


The farm is currently managed by John and his wife Ainsley, with help from his parents Emile and Rita who still actively work on the farm. John is an agronomist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and has been using his knowledge and experience to research and develop growing techniques suitable for the extreme Canadian prairie environment. He began growing garlic in 2006 and now specializes in growing Canadian heritage varieties and prairie selected varieties that are adapted to Canada's challenging climate. The farm now offers its premium garlic seed and food garlic to Canadian customers through its online store.

Growing Methods:

John Boy Farms uses traditional and natural growing methods that have been adopted by organic growers. Today, the farm never sprays their garlic with pesticides, always uses cover crops, uses healthy crop rotations and applies compost every year to fertilize their fields. Any garlic plants that appear weak and/or show signs of disease or infections are always removed and destroyed to ensure only the strongest, healthiest garlic seed is harvested. As well, John works closely with extension staff from the provincial agriculture department to help to monitor and ultimately prevent new or existing pests/diseases from entering the farm's garlic stocks.

For more information on how they grow their garlic, see the Growing Garlic pages and look for the little  symbol. If you have any questions about the farm or want to discuss anything, please feel free to contact John or the family. 

They love farming, love growing garlic and love to talk about it with others!