All Purpose Organic Fertilizer 3-1-2


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A great ALL-PURPOSE ORGANIC FERTILIZER made from digested vegetable meal, bat guano, citric acid, and kelp meal.​​ The soluble liquid 3-1-2 formula mixes easily and is quickly absorbed by hungry plants helping them grow strong healthy roots and leaves.

Use in early spring when garlic plants are small until scapes emerge.  Very helpful when plants are experiencing stress from extreme temperatures (hot or cold), high winds, insects, or poor moisture conditions.

Works best when used together with Slow Release Granular fertilizer and Liquid Seaweed applications.

Super concentrated formula makes up to 200L of liquid fertilizer.


Mix 5ml of liquid concentrate with 1L of water. Water each plant with diluted liquid every 7 days. Can be applied at the same time as Sea Magic Seaweed.   

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