Pre-Ordering Garlic

Pre-orders are for BULK GARLIC only this year and must be for a minimum of 10 lbs. Regular orders start once inventory has been added to our online store

If you send us your information (see below), we will place you on our waiting list for garlic. Contacting us early helps to ensure you get the varieties you want.

After harvest in August, we allocate all available garlic to customers who have placed pre-orders first and then the remaining inventory is sold through our online store.

A credit card number must be given with the pre-order for us to reserve the garlic (it will only be charged once the garlic is harvested and ready). 

NOTE: We can only ship to Addresses in Canada due to import restrictions. 

How The Process Works

  • Once we receive your pre-order information, we will respond with a quick email confirming that we’ve put you on the waiting list. As well, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of the costs.     
  • After harvest, you'll get a notification that your actual order has been placed, along with your official invoice. Your credit card will be charged at this time and you'll receive a notification once your order has been shipped (usually mid to late September).
  • You can make changes to your order at any time before we package your order for shipping. 

PLEASE REMEMBER that although we consistently harvest enough bulbs for all our customers, every season is different and due to factors like weather, we cannot guarantee that we will have all the sizes requested until after we have harvested.

The garlic is allocated on a first come first served basis should there be limited quantities of certain varieties. We always notify our customers immediately if there are any shortages.

To register, EMAIL us the information below

NOTE: You can use the actual form (click here to download PDF) or just list everything in your email.