Fall Rye


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Cover crops can be planted in spring, summer or fall! Remember that ¼ to ⅓ of your growing area should be planted to green manure cover crops every year. This ensures your soil stays healthy and productive.

Seeds will store for at least 1 to 2 years.


Fall Rye, also known as Cereal Rye, is one of the most widely used cover crops in North America and a favourite on our farm. It is easy to use and has large seeds that germinate quickly, forming a vigorous canopy before weeds can emerge. The plants also form extensive root systems that help build soil by scavenging nutrients, increasing organic matter, and improving soil structure.

It can be planted alone or as a nurse crop with other species such as clover. Seeding rate can be reduced by half when planting as a mix with other types of seed.

Hardy to zone 3, Fall Rye is usually planted in late summer or fall and left to overwinter until the next growing season when it resumes growth in spring. This keeps the soil covered all year and helps prevent negative impacts such as erosion and nutrient losses from leaching or runoff. Plants can be tilled in spring or early summer once they reach 12" to 16" and before they form heads.

Alternatively, Fall Rye can be planted earlier in the growing season as a ground cover that stays low in height. Since it is a winter-annual (requires vernalization from cold exposure) the plants won't produce seed heads until they have gone through winter. This means Fall Rye is perfect for maintenance-free pathways, wheel tracks or planting beds where it will suppress weeds and won't require mowing during the first growing season. 

Note that if Fall Rye is planted very early in spring and temperatures are extremely cold, the plants may still vernalize and produce seed heads. If this is not desired, it is important to delay seeding until temperatures warm.  

Untreated, Non-GEO Seed

250g covers approximately 200 sq. ft
1 kg covers approximately 800 sq. ft

  • Latin Name: Secale cereale
  • Hardiness: Hardy Winter Annual, Zone 3
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Germination: 7-10 days
  • Planting Dates: Mar 1 - Jun 30, Aug 15 - Oct 30 
  • Seeding Rate: 1250g per 1000 sq. ft (50kg per acre)
  • Max Planting Depth: 1” - 1.5"  
  • Growth Habit: Upright and erect grass. Plants grow up to 36” tall as they form heads 
  • Benefits: Extensive root system, adds organic matter, improves soil structure, captures nutrients
  • Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Sun
  • Usual Seed Life: 2-3 years 
  • Cover Crop Management: Mow or till when 12" to 16" tall. Can be tilled in spring, summer or fall depending on planting date.  

Highest Quality Standards

Our cover crop seed comes from high-quality stock and is tested for germination. We've selected the best varieties available in order to maximize each species' potential.

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