Purple Tansy Phacelia


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Cover crops can be planted in spring, summer or fall! Remember that ¼ to ⅓ of your growing area should be planted to green manure cover crops every year. This ensures your soil stays healthy and productive.

Seeds will store for at least 1 to 2 years.


Known as both Purple Tansy and Phacelia, this herbaceous species is a member of the borage family and is native to North America. It is considered an amazing superfood for bees and other pollinators, producing abundant nectar-rich flowers that attract insects from miles away.

A top choice for many gardeners and small-acreage growers. The plants look gorgeous in a landscape, and the flowers can be cut and bundled into beautiful bouquets.
Phacelia is a fast-growing species that is tolerant of dry and poor soils. It quickly forms a cover, providing soil protection that helps prevent erosion.

Often seeded as a mass planting or mixed with other cover crop species. Can be planted every 2 to 3 weeks in succession for an extended flowering period all spring and summer.

In fall or after tillage, the plant foliage breaks down relatively quickly, providing food for soil organisms and cycling back into the soil as organic matter.

Seeds germinate best in cool soil, and seedlings are tolerant of light frosts. Mature plants usually winterkill in the fall when temperatures fall to -8 degrees Celsius. If left to grow for the entire season, plants will often self-seed.


150g covers approximately 1000 sq. ft
1 kg covers approximately 10,000 sq. ft

FOR PLANTING PURPOSES ONLY. Seed should not be used as food or feed.

Can be used with EcoTea Seed Inoculant for increased nutrient efficiency, improved root development and higher disease resistance. 

Quick Guide

  • Latin Name: Phacelia tanacetifolia
  • Hardiness: Annual.
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Germination: 7-14 days
  • Planting Dates: May 1 - June 30, Aug 15 - Sep 5 
  • Seeding Rate: 150g per 1000 sq. ft (4 kg per acre)
  • Max Planting Depth:  0.25” or broadcast and tamp slightly into soil
  • Growth Habit: 24-36" upright, branching leaves that produce an abundance of flowers. 
  • Benefits: Pollinator super food, habitat for beneficial insects, adds organic matter, improves soil structure.
  • Sun Exposure: Part Shade to Full Sun
  • Usual Seed Life: 2-3 years 
  • Cover Crop Management: Plant every 2 to 3 weeks for extended flower period all spring and summer. Can be mowed or tilled once flowering is complete. Will usually self-seed if left to grow all season.

Highest Quality Standards

Our cover crop seed comes from high-quality stock and is tested for germination. We've selected the best varieties available to maximize each species' potential.

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