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Our farm's #1 choice! If we could only grow one type of garlic, it would be this amazing variety.   

A consistent producer that is easy to care for and is very dependable. As its name suggests, Big Boy is extremely vigorous and can produce huge bulbs. Under ideal conditions, bulbs can grow to over 3 inches in size!

It is similar to Music, however, it sometimes has a slight purpled colouring when grown in certain soils. The flavour is sweet and consistent with the Porcelain family. 

Big Boy performs extremely well in cold climates and in a wide range of soil conditions. Produces a tall, impressive plant with dark green leaves. Scape removal and good moisture are essential for maximum bulb size. 

Bulbs are uniform with large cloves (average 4 to 6 cloves/bulb). Outer bulb wrappers tend to be purplish-white (depending on soil conditions), with some rose colouring of the clove skins. Great presentation for growers selling or gardeners who want to display in their kitchen. Stores for up to 6 months.

Garlic is a heavy feeder. For best results, apply a well-balanced organic fertilizer at planting and in spring. Planting a green manure cover crop the season before growing garlic is also recommended. 

See our Garlic Growing Guide for detailed planting and growing instructions.

Highest Quality Standards

Our premium garlic is carefully examined throughout the season, from planting to harvest. Cloves, plants, and bulbs are all individually inspected to maintain the highest quality seed stock available! See how we Manage Garlic Diseases & Pests

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