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Legacy is a wonderful heirloom variety, brought to Canada by German settlers in the 1800s.

It is moderately spicy when first harvested and mellows with time. It has a rich flavour that we find particularly good for roasting.

It does very well in cold climates and grows great on a wide range of soil types. Tolerates heavier soils very well. 

Legacy has large bulbs with medium sized cloves. Bulbs have 6-8 cloves that have some pink to purple blushing.

Bulb wrappers tend to be loose when dried down, which makes cleaning very easy and leaves a beautiful coloured bulb for a great presentation. Stores 4 to 6 months.

Our premium garlic is carefully examined throughout the season, from planting to harvest. Cloves, plants and bulbs are all rogued regularly to maintain the highest quality seed stock! We grow 100% of the garlic we sell to ensure standards always remain high.

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