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This very impressive variety is one of our Top Sellers and an Easy Choice for all growers.

Originally imported by Al Music from Italy, "Music" has become the most widely grown garlic among Canadian gardeners and commercial growers. It has been popular in eastern Canada for many years and has since gained favour in the rest of the country. 

Music performs very well in cold climates and is an extremely robust grower that produces large plants that stand out. Has big bulbs with very large cloves (averages 4 to 6 cloves per bulb).

Outer wrappers tend to be white (therefore the name porcelain) with some purple colouring of the clove skins. Cloves are hot when eaten raw, sweet when baked and mild when cooked.

Scape removal is important for maximum bulb size.

Our premium garlic is carefully examined throughout the season, from planting to harvest. Cloves, plants and bulbs are all rogued regularly to maintain the highest quality seed stock! We grow 100% of the garlic we sell to ensure standards always remain high.

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