Persian Star


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A great all around garlic variety and one of our favourites! A beautiful Purple Stripe that originates from the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan. Has light coloured bulb wrappers and purple streaked clove skins, making it one of the most attractive garlic varieties. The cloves have distinct long sharp points that resemble a star, lending to its name. 

Persian Star is a spicy, elegant full flavoured garlic that has a bit of a bite. Gives a nutty flavour when roasted. Similar to Chesnok Red, however, is slightly milder.

A very adaptable garlic variety that is cold hardy and produces very large bulbs. It does very well on a wide range of soils, however, requires scape removal, good fertility and adequate soil moisture for maximum bulb size. Skins clean very easily, yet stay tight for good long-term storage.

8 to 10 cloves per bulb and stores 6 to 8 months.

Listed in the Seeds of Diversity Canada catalogue of heritage varieties.



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