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Caring for Garlic in Spring: 3 Things to Remember 10 Comments

Wheel hoe weeding between two rows of garlic

So it's springtime and your garlic has either survived the winter or was recently planted in spring - Now what? Most of us are excited to get out into our gardens or fields but are sometimes unsure as to what to start with. On our farm, there are three important things that we do every spring when caring for our garlic....

Planting Garlic In Spring: How to Grow Big Bulbs 24 Comments

Planting garlic cloves in spring

Although garlic is ideally planted in the fall, it is still possible to grow and harvest beautiful bulbs if you miss planting before winter. The following tips are the most important things to consider when getting ready to plant garlic in spring......

The First Garlic Varieties to Emerge in Spring

Softneck garlic plants emerged in spring

Softneck garlic varieties tend to be some of the first garlic plants to emerge from the ground in spring. On our farm, this means the Italian Softneck variety is usually the first garlic to greet us out in the field.....