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Growing Garlic: 6 Reasons Why Garlic Bulbs Are Small At Harvest

Small Garlic Bulbs

Although there are many reasons why garlic bulbs can end up being small at harvest, here are the 6 most common causes.....

How To Grow Big Garlic Bulbs: 5 Easy Steps 9 Comments

Big Garlic Bulbs

Garlic a fairly easy crop to grow and tends to take care of itself without much effort. It has very few pests or diseases and often grows even when given little care. These positive characteristics, however, don't always guarantee that your garlic will produce good sized bulbs. The great news is that growing large bulbs isn't that difficult and can be achieved by following these 5 easy steps.....

Caring for Garlic in Spring: 3 Things to Remember 10 Comments

Wheel hoe weeding between two rows of garlic

So it's springtime and your garlic has either survived the winter or was recently planted in spring - Now what? Most of us are excited to get out into our gardens or fields but are sometimes unsure as to what to start with. On our farm, there are three important things that we do every spring when caring for our garlic....