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Growing Garlic: 6 Reasons Why Garlic Bulbs Are Small At Harvest

Small Garlic Bulbs

Although there are many reasons why garlic bulbs can end up being small at harvest, here are the 6 most common causes.....

How To Grow Big Garlic Bulbs: 5 Easy Steps 9 Comments

Big Garlic Bulbs

Garlic a fairly easy crop to grow and tends to take care of itself without much effort. It has very few pests or diseases and often grows even when given little care. These positive characteristics, however, don't always guarantee that your garlic will produce good sized bulbs. The great news is that growing large bulbs isn't that difficult and can be achieved by following these 5 easy steps.....

How to Fertilize Your Garlic Properly 9 Comments

Piles of compost in garlic field

Garlic is a heavy feeder and requires high soil fertility to perform at its best. When nutrients are at optimum levels, plant growth is healthy and bulb size is maximized. Poor soil fertility is one of the most overlooked factors affecting garlic bulb size..... 

Growing Garlic on Clay Soil 4 Comments

Growing Garlic On Clay Soil

Also, even though clay soils can be challenging to work with, garlic usually grows very well on them if conditions are managed properly. Due to their high fertility and consistent moisture availability, clay soils have the potential to grow some of the largest garlic bulbs possible.....

Caring for Garlic in Spring: 3 Things to Remember 10 Comments

Wheel hoe weeding between two rows of garlic

So it's springtime and your garlic has either survived the winter or was recently planted in spring - Now what? Most of us are excited to get out into our gardens or fields but are sometimes unsure as to what to start with. On our farm, there are three important things that we do every spring when caring for our garlic....

Raised Beds: Why Every Garlic Grower Should Use Them 6 Comments

Planting garlic on raised beds

Using raised beds for growing vegetables has been around for thousands of years. People learned early on, that by building up the soil into mounds or beds, they could improve the growth of their crops.....

Planting Garlic In Spring: How to Grow Big Bulbs 24 Comments

Planting garlic cloves in spring

Although garlic is ideally planted in the fall, it is still possible to grow and harvest beautiful bulbs if you miss planting before winter. The following tips are the most important things to consider when getting ready to plant garlic in spring......

The Best Garlic Varieties For Canada 19 Comments

Different garlic varieties

The most, cold-hardy garlic varieties in the world are in the Hardneck group, of which there are several subgroups or families. Of these families, the Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe and Rocambole garlics tend to perform the best under normal Canadian growing conditions....

Growing Garlic in Manitoba 1 Comment

Young garlic plants growing in open field

Growing garlic in Manitoba can be fun and easy with a bit of planning. Although the extreme growing conditions can sometimes make planting other vegetables a challenge, garlic thrives in the prairie region's cold climate.

Why You Shouldn't Plant Grocery Store Garlic

Grocery store garlic inside a mesh bag

It is not uncommon for a home gardener to try and plant garlic that they bought from the grocery store at some point. Most often, they are disappointed with the outcome because the garlic produces very small bulbs.....

Planting Garlic in Fall 42 Comments

Planting garlic cloves in fall

In climates like Canada and the northern United States, planting garlic in the fall produces strong flavoured, hardy garlic bulbs that can grow to impressive sizes. With a bit of special attention, garlic can be planted and overwintered in almost any region, including the North. There are three important things to consider when planting garlic in the Fall.....

When To Harvest Your Garlic Bulbs 5 Comments

Fresh harvested garlic bulbs

How do I know my garlic is ready to harvest? There is some debate among garlic growers as to the perfect time for harvesting, but there are four important guidelines to consider.....

What Is The Difference Between Hardneck & Softneck Garlic 1 Comment

Bulbil capsule at the tip of a garlic scape
Being able to tell the difference between hardneck and softneck garlic is actually quite easy. Hardneck garlics generally send up a flowering stock called the scape (similar to when an onion plant bolts). This scape starts at the base of the garlic bulb and goes up through the neck.....